Top 10 Family Activities To Do During Quarantine (plus 120 more)

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Many of you are social distancing with your family for the next few weeks. This situation can be confusing and scary for children. To make it fun, we’ve compiled 130 activities to do as a family. If you think this list would be helpful for others, be sure to click the share button at the bottom of this post.

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Top 10 Family Activities To Do During Quarantine (plus 120 more)

Family Activities During Quarantine

1. Do a family 500+ piece puzzle.
2. Have your child pick a topic they’d like to learn about and spend 30 minutes a day on that topic.
3. Spend the day reading.
4. Bake/cook a new recipe.
5. Write a letter or email to a different family members or friends.
6. Use all your building toys to make one giant structure.
7. Backyard races like hopping on one foot, crabwalk, backwards, etc.
8. Make characters out of playdough.
9. Facetime grandparents.
10. Watch all the classics on Disney+.

11. Take inventory of the wildlife or plants that you can see from your yard.
12. Learn about the wildlife or plants and how they function.
13. Write and illustrate a short story.
14. Learn how to make paper with junk mail.
15. Plant a garden.
16. Activity or education websites like GoNoodle! Or iReady.
17. Play a board game.
18. Play a card game.
19. Play with Legos.
20. Print out dot to dot pages.
21. Work on sudoku problems.
22. Learn to sew.
23. Make a scrapbook.
24. Timed age appropriate math quizzes.
25. Make a tent for a nap or reading/watching a movie.
26. Have a puppet shadow show.
27. Make something new out of a cardboard box (instrument, habitat, keepsake box, etc.)
28. Watch funny videos and rate your favorite.
29. Memorize 20 seconds of your favorite song to give you a tune to sing while washing your hands for the recommended amount of time.
30. Help each child really clean and organize their space.
31. Make up your own board game.
32. Write an on-going tale. Each person adds a new sentence until the story is over.
33. Play Pictionary.
34. Paint a picture.
35. Make friendship bracelets.
36. Do yoga.
37. Learn about your town or state.
38. Do Zumba or learn a new dance.
40. Draw self portraits.
41. Study a map and quiz on continents, countries, states, etc.
42. Make instructions or directions for something simple and see if someone else can successfully follow them.
43. Play outside with chalk.
44. Do shadow or outline portraits.
45. Blow bubbles.
46. Hide a treat and do an indoor treasure hunt.
47. Learn some basic sign language.
48. Do a daily devotional or Bible study.
49. Learn another language with Duolingo.
50. Make slime.
51. Make a volcanic eruption.
52. Wash and c lean out the car.
53. Reorganize the kitchen, supply closets, storage or garage.
54. Go through your clothes and donate any that you no longer use.
55. Have a glow stick party.
56. Listen to story time podcasts.
57. Declutter and donate toys.
58. Have a cleaning Olympics.
59. Write a song.
60. Make up a dance routine.
61. Go on a hike.
62. Study the planets or stars.
63. Design and create a new space craft.
64. Write out a prayer.
65. Learn about the government/economy.
66. Look up funny laws.
67. Pray for the people and situations around you.
68. Make a puppet.
69. Have an at home spa day.
70. Make a family meal menu together.
71. If you’re comfortable, talk about bills, how they work and how to budget.
72. Go through old pictures and tell stories about the people or places in them.
73. Make a list of affirmations and say them daily.
74. Create a vision board.
75. Knit or crochet a blanket.
76. Bake cookies.
77. Play the no laughing game. Tell jokes, make funny faces or sounds. The first one to laugh, loses.
78. Learn the bones of the body.
79. Play cornhole.
80. Write out a list of goals and ways you can achieve them.
81. Make a greeting card.
82. Play tic-tac-toe.
83. Research different body systems.
84. Plan out your dream vacation.
85. Discuss, if you could spend a day with any person, living or dead, who would it be and why?
86. Have a photoshoot.
87. Weave a drapery, rug, basket or blanket.
88. Make something with paper mache.
89. Stream your favorite artist or playlist and pretend like you’re at a concert.
90. Make a construction paper craft.
91. Follow a work-out plan.
92. Try to do everything for the day with little to no electricity.
93. Make a splatter paint craft.
94. Play outside with water guns, sprinkler or water balloons.
95. Play the alphabet game. Pick a topic, start at ‘A’ and take turns naming an item in the topic for all the letters of the alphabet.
96. Play balloon volleyball.
97. Research your family tree.
98. Learn a magic trick.
99. Make an obstacle course.
100. Have a picnic.
101. Find shapes in the clouds.
102. Play basketball.
103. Collect rocks.
104. Play out in the rain.
105. Pick a boutique.
106. Make s’mores.
107. Go for a run.
108. Play hide & go seek.
109. Make homemade juice or lemonade.
110. Take turns interviewing each other like celebrities.
111. Play dress-up.
112. Make a craft with recycled materials (toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, etc.)
113. Draw on temporary tattoos.
114. Build a solar oven.
115. Cook over a campfire.
116. Do random acts of kindess.
117. Make a smoothie or milkshake.
118. Go fishing.
119. Go on a bike ride.
120. Try to only use non-verbal communication for a day.
121. Make a collage.
122. Have a video game tournament.
123. Watch old family videos.
124. Practice meditation.
125. Tie die t-shirts.
126. Make a bird feeder.
127. Have a pillow fight.
128. Make underwater fireworks.
129. Collect leaves and make art of out them.
130. Make a chore chart.

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